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About the Curling School


The Curling Manual

  1. Overview of Curling
  2. The Delivery by CurlTech
  3. Advanced Delivery
  4. Using a Throwing Device
  5. Wheelchair Curling
  6. Sweeping
  7. Basic Strategy
  8. Advanced (Team) Strategy
  9. Field of Play
  10. Practice
  11. Team Development
  12. Advanced Team Performance
  13. Junior Curling
  14. Starting a New Curling Clib
  15. Teaching Curling

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Curling Association

Welcome to The Curling School

Welcome to the Curling School. Here you can learn more about curling, and learn about the latest in curling technique and equipment.

The staff at CurlTech is pleased to announce the 2018 Curling Manual. It is designed to provide up-to date, detailed information on all curling topics for new and veteran curlers.

All sections of the 2018 Manual have been updated or completely rewritten. New sections have also been added. These sections include Wheelchair Curling, Junior Curling, Field of Play, Teaching Curling and Starting a New Curling Club.

The manual provides a complete introduction and discussion of CurlTech's methods and training programs.

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