The Curling Manual

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Appendix A Curling Terms & Lingo

Some commonly used terms

BITER A stone barely touching the 12-foot ring.

BLANK END Neither team scores in the end.

BONSPIEL A curling tournament.

BURNED STONE A stone touched while in motion.

BUTTON The smallest ring in the house. It is two feet in diameter, also called the "pot".


CCA Canadian Curling Association

CENTER GUARD A rock short and in the center of the sheet

CORNER GUARD A rock short of the house and to the side

DELIVERY The process of throwing a stone.

DRAW A shot that comes to rest within the house.

EIGHT END An end where all eight stones are counting

END When sixteen stones have come to rest, similar to an inning in baseball.

FREEZE A stone coming to rest touching another stone.

FREE GUARD ZONE The area between the hog line and the tee line, excluding the house.

FREE GUARD ZONE The rule that states that an opponent's rock cannot be RULE removed from play until four rocks have come to rest.

GUARD A shot that comes to rest in front of another stone for protection.

HACK The pieces of rubber you push off from at either end of the sheet.

HAMMER The last shot of the end.

HOGGER A shot that comes to rest short or on the hog line and is removed from play.

HOG LINE The thick black line 33 feet from the hack.

HOUSE The area within the outside circle at either end of the sheet.

HURRY! This means to sweep immediately.

IN-TURN A stone that rotates clockwise for a right handed player.

OUT-TURN A stone that rotates counter clock-wise for a right handed player.

PEBBLE The frozen bumps on the ice that the stones ride on.

PEEL A hard takeout designed to remove guards.

RINK A curling team.

RIGHT OFF Stop cleaning, we need a pick

RUN BACK Driving a front rock back onto another

SHEET The total playing area for one game.

SKIP The captain of the team.

SPINNER A rock thrown with excessive spin.

STEAL Scoring a point without last rock advantage.

TAKE-OUT A shot thrown hard enough to remove another stone from play. Also called a "HIT".

TEE LINE The line that intersects the house at the center line.

THE "TOSS" The toss of the coin to determine last rock in the first end.

TICK Moving a rock a short distance with heavier weight

USCA The United States Curling Association. The main offices are in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

WCF World Curling Federation

WCT World Curling Tour

WICK Running rock grazing a stationary rock

There are other subtle curling terms that may be synonymous with the terms listed above. The more time you spend curling, the more you will hear them.

Curling Lingo

"Hit the broom" A rock thrown accurately at the aiming point.

"On the broom" Same as above.

"Lost its handle" A rock that loses its rotation.

"Nice rock" Good shot.

"Nice Toss" Same as above.

Tee weight A rock thrown hard enough to stop on the Tee Line.

Back ring weight A rock thrown hard enough to stop in the back of the house.

Draw the "lid" Draw to the button.

Draw the "pin" Same as above.

Hack weight A rock thrown hard enough to stop near the hack..

Normal hit A rock thrown hard enough to remove another rock from play.

Heavy hit A rock thrown hard enough to forcefully remove a rock from play.

"Split'em" Hitting a rock at such an angle as to split them apart.

"You dumped it" A rock thrown inside the line of delivery, usually at the point of release.

"You flipped it" A rock thrown outside the line of delivery, usually at the point of release

"Take the rock" Sweep closest to the rock.

"The rock picked" The moving rock picked up a piece of debris that altered its course.

Weld A perfect freeze.