The Curling Manual

Table of Contents

Appendix B Important Rules

These are not the official rules. Some of them have been abbreviated for simplicity. If you live or play in Canada, you will play by the Canadian Rules. All others will play by the rules of the World Curling Federation. An official copy of the rules is available at your club or through your national association.


1. If a rock is touched while it's in motion, it is called a burned rock. It is to be removed from play immediately.

a. The person who burned the rock is the ONLY person that can call that shot burned (honor system).

b. If the foul was committed inside the hog line, the opposing skip may put the fouled rock back in play if he/she thinks it would have been beneficial to their team.

2. The curling rock must be clearly released before the stone touches the nearer hog line.

3. A rock must come to rest beyond the farther hog line to be in play.

4. If a player accidentally throws the wrong color rock, the rock is replaced with the correct color.


1. Any number of sweepers can sweep their team's stone at one time as long as the stone is between the Tee Lines.

2. Only one person (any person) can sweep their rock behind the tee line.

3. The skip or acting skip can sweep an opponent's rock once it has touched the tee line.

4. The sweeping motion must be from side to side across the stone. The brush must cover the 5 inch running surface at all times and finish to the side so no debris is left in the path of the stone. Also, there must be clear and visible brush head movement.

Position of Players:

1. Leads and seconds must position themselves between the hog lines unless throwing or sweeping a stone.

2. Only the skip and vice-skip are allowed to stand in and behind the house.

3. All players should position themselves as to not distract the opponent.

Ice Etiquette:

1. All players shake hands with your team and with your opponent BEFORE AND AFTER EACH GAME.

2. The vice-skip is responsible for scoring and measuring stones.

3. Each player on the team should be in position and ready to deliver stone when it is his/her turn to throw.

4. There is no smoking on the ice.

5. Always wear clean shoes on the ice.