The Curling Manual

Table of Contents

Section 5 - Wheelchair Curling

Today, there is a growing number of wheelchair bound athletes enjoying the sport of curling. Social leagues and competitive events are available in some areas. Some countries have wheelchair teams representing them at world level. Contact your nationals association for more detail on wheelchair national championships and wheelchair worlds.

Access to Ice

Access to ice can be difficult. Since very few new facilities have opened in the last thirty years, clubs generally do not have easy access to the ice area via ramps. New clubs, opened in the last ten years have ramps, elevators or grade level access for wheelchairs. Many clubs can be accessible with some simple modifications. Temporary ramps can be built if a wheelchair league is an option.

Equipment and Delivery

The wheelchair game is slightly different. Athletes throw from the chair with either their hand or a throwing device. The chairs must be "anchored" to prevent backward movement during the delivery. Some wheelchair athletes prefer to use seat belts for stability.

Wheelchair Rules

Most curling rules apply to wheelchair curling. The rock must be released by the hog line. There is one notable exception. There is no sweeping in wheelchair curling.

Chair wheels must also be cleaned and cooled down prior to delivery. This can be done on the ice behind the hack area.