The Curling Manual

Table of Contents

The Curling School

Welcome to the Curling School by CurlTech. The staff at CurlTech is pleased to announce the 2007 Curling Manual. It is designed to provide up-to date, detailed information on all curling topics for new and veteran curlers.

The Curling Manual provides an in-depth analysis of the Curling Delivery as defined by CurlTech. It provides step by step advice on how the novice and championship curler can improve their delivery and shot-making in an illustrated, easy to read, web-based format. Never before has the curling delivery been analyzed and described in such detail!

Newer curlers can get up to speed fast by learning the history, how the game is played, key rules and how to throw and sweep a curling rock.

All sections of the 2007 Manual have been updated or completely rewritten. New sections have also been added. These sections include Wheelchair Curling, Junior Curling, Field of Play, Teaching Curling and Starting a New Curling Club.

Thank you and enjoy the curler’s web manual.