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About CurlTech

CurlTech is a non-profit corporation with the goal of increasing social and competitive curling proficiency. CurlTech operates only in the interests of the sport of curling. Our mission is to develop and document curling methods and procedures for use by new and existing curlers. By constantly researching and participating in all aspects of curling, CurlTech can offer the latest curling systems in an effort to further the sport.

The delivery vehicle for CurlTech is The Curling School, an online training and information source.

CurlTech Philosophy

We believe there is a better way to do everything. Our staff members are constantly researching new and existing methods to create effective and efficient ways to curl, from the delivery and sweeping to strategy and equipment. We enter our staff into social bonspiels as well a stop ranked competitive cashspiels to research firsthand what works and what doesn’t.